About the next meeting of the CEC

In which order the polling stations will be established at foreign diplomatic and other missions of our country? How will they be formed and attached to the relative districts?

These issues were in the focus of the next meeting of the Central Election Commission, which was held on October 22, 2019. The meeting was attended by members of the CEC, representatives of political parties and the mass media.

In accordance with Article 10 of the Election Code of Uzbekistan, the establishment of polling stations at diplomatic and other missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, their registration in the district of polling stations formed outside of Uzbekistan, and other related questions are decided by the Central Election Commission. The polling stations at diplomatic and other missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign countries, are formed by the Central Election Commission, at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Polling stations are formed no less than 60 days before the election, as a rule, with a number of at least 20 voters and no more than 3 thousand. The number of polling stations cannot be less than the number of constituencies.

The district election commission establishes the numbering of polling stations and organizes a notification of voters about the boundaries of each polling station, indicating the phone numbers, location of the respective precinct commission and voting premises.

During the election of deputies of the Legislative Chamber, local Kengashes by the district election commissions for the election of deputies of the Legislative Chamber, is established a single polling stations.

Also citizens who lives in abroad temporarily or permanently, according to their applications are included in the voters lists of foreign polling stations.

In addition, 15 days before the election, citizens can through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can electronically apply to foreign polling stations to add them to the voter lists.

During the meeting, the issue of accreditation of media representatives was also considered. In accordance with the regulation on procedure for accrediting media representatives, during the election campaign, a number of mass media representatives who applied their documents for accreditation till today, took their mandates.

At the end of the event, the presentation of the mobile application “Election-2019” was held. This application will create additional opportunities and conveniences for both election commissions and voters. The mobile application contains of several sections which include information about the election legislation, election campaign activists, voters, members of the commission, guidelines for political parties and candidates, as well as observers, training materials to increase the knowledge of election campaign activists, books and articles, election questionnaires.

Moreover, specific consideration was given to another section of mobile application which helps voters to find their own regional polling station by location.

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